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But how can you know for sure?

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Posted March 20, Reviewed by Matt Huston. Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor. Dating and relationships have always been hard. In this day and age, however, they can sometimes seem impossible.

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Take this quick quiz to find out! We will also give you tips on how to easily become more magnetic. Start the quiz now!

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When it comes to looks or personality in a woman, which one matters more to men? He will fight for your love, and do anything to be with you. Looks might be good for a hookup.

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But when it comes girlfriends, relationships and lovers, guys are looking for personality traits. There are 5 main female personalities that men find irresistible, and fall in love with instantly. Later, we will also show you how to adopt the best personality traits for a woman, and easily add them into your own personality.

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One of the biggest problems girls run into when flirting with guys is not having enough confidence. When you can express your thoughts and feelings freely, there is a much greater chance that guys will love and accept you for who you are. In fact, if you show some imperfections, and a few goofy personality traits, guys will become even more attracted to you.

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Once you let your inner feelings and your true self flow freely, guys will be drawn to you instantly and start chasing you! You instantly become magnetic as you walk into a room — Guys will be turning their he and looking, wondering who you are, and wanting to come and talk to you. Check out this guide to learn how to instantly become more magnetic to any man!

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Instead of being serious and careful about what you say, just take it easy and joke around with him. By doing so, you make it a lot easier for him to relate to you, and express his feelings with you. Show him this side, and you will definitely have his attention!

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All you have to do is combine all of the personality traits we talked about in this article. Now, a lot of girls think you have to work hard to change your personality, or the way you walk and talk…. Everywhere you go, guys will chase you, beg for your attention, and want you SO badly.

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Use these clever techniques to make any man completely obsessedand BEG for a chance with you! Are you tired of spending nights alone in bedscrolling through your phone and waiting for something to happen?

Or do you want to spend your evenings in the big, strong arms of the one man who truly loves youprotects youand makes you feel safe? Thousands of girls around the world have transformed themselves great guy seeking a sweet woman magnetic, irresistible women.

Learn the special way to make a man fall for you within 10 minutes of your first date. Never feel nervous for a date again! Do you agree not to use them for bad reasons? Yes [group groupselected]. One moment, he might act like he likes you… But in reality, he might be thinking of other girls, and checking them out! There are 5 types of girl that guys find most attractive.

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These girl personality types embody special qualities that attract a man. The best part?

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In This Article:. Get The Guide Now! Look Out For These 10 s. The FlirtSavvy Team May 4, . The FlirtSavvy Team April 29, Our team interviewed a group of men about their favorite types of hugs.

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The FlirtSavvy Team April 19, The FlirtSavvy Team March 31, Did he enjoy the kiss? Or is he being dishonest? Simply look out for these 10 s to see if a guy likes kissing you! The FlirtSavvy Team March 28, The Top 10 Reasons Revealed! The FlirtSavvy Team March 22, Wondering why guys are obsessed with kissing?

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You might be surprised! Learn the 5 weird texts that make guys go crazy about you. You will learn:.