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By Larry Getlen. Rock drummer Carmine Appice co-wrote a No. Beds might get tipped over; sometimes the chick would be thrown out of the room without her clothes.

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Normally she would take one look at the 10 to 15 guys bursting into the room and leave of her own accord anyway. It was with this band, inthat Appice learned the sexual power of rock.

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When he began playing with them at 17, he was a virgin. By the following year, he claims to have slept with over women.

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A couple of girls freaked and ran out of the room. We had an amazing sex party with the girls who were left.

When they returned, they found fans waiting for them in the lobby. A couple of girls freaked out and ran out of the room.

During their first show together, in December in Denver, Zeppelin was booed. Bonham died in after consuming 40 shots of vodka in a hour span. According to Appice, rumors flew that he might replace Bonham in Zeppelin, and these rumors played a part in the souring of his relationship with Stewart, who felt they were distracting from his music. It was on this tour, in Seattle, that both would participate in the most notorious groupie incident in rock history.

According to Appice, the story is not only true but much more intricate and debauched than most tellings have conveyed. The Edgewater Inn, where both bands stayed, was right on Elliott Bay in Puget Sound, which allowed guests to fish from their ladies want real sex drums windows. After they scrambled to hide their pot, it turned out to be a girl Appice had had a series of dalliances with described in minute detail in the book the day before.

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Very high, the girl — in response to something Appice had told her about his bandmate having a movie camera — kept telling the others she wanted to make a movie with them. Appice, too high to deal with her, went next door to hang out with Bonham and his wife, Pat, Cole and two crew members, several of whom were fishing out the window. There, Appice and the rest listened to music as again there was a knock at the door. Take your clothes off! They also brought the shark. Cole and a crew member threw the girl on the bed.

Appice, Jones and Bogert scrambled out of the room in hysterics. This is only the first part of the story. The second part is even more depraved, as roadies used the woman and humiliated her further. Jones finally had to leave in disgust, ladies want real sex drums Appice says he would have done the same had it not been taking place in his room.

Years later, the girl called in while Appice was doing a radio interview, telling him she had raised a family and was living in Alaska. Appice played in many bands over the years, both his own and others. ly told he could sell his own merchandise, he arrived for one show to find that his face had been cut out of his T-shirts — on every single shirt. He was fired from the tour soon after.

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The friend worked for his management company, and a young artist new to their roster moved into the room full-time. Their relationship was cordial. Once, Appice walked into the room and found Prince in bed with Vanity. He quickly apologized and backed out.

But 4, was the one that mattered most. Appice and their mutual friend tried to calm him down, and Appice shared some of his own disastrous experiences, as when Vanilla Fudge bombed when opening for the Mamas and the Papas. It was to no avail.

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Appice was married, to five different women, for much of his groupie-loving existence. Her own total was seven.

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Drummer Carmine Appice, who witnessed some of rock 'n' roll's most notorious moments, in View author archive follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Name required.

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required. Comment required. Getty Images Appice played in many bands over the years, both his own and others. Appice second from right with Ozzy Osbourne center in Sharon Osborune hated the attention Appice received while on tour. Redferns ly told he could sell his own merchandise, he arrived for one show to find that his face had been cut out of his T-shirts — on every single shirt.

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Using a spreheet, she arrived at the 4, Now 69, Appice insists he has always been faithful to Gold. Share Selection.

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